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Components - MULTIMEDIA

CERN provided Drupal 8 sites:

  • Install and enable the Timeline module and all its dependencies under Extend
  • Install and enable the Section module and all its dependencies under Extend as it is needed to wrap around a timeline
  • After installing you can add timelines on all content types which use the Section component like the Landing Page
  • To create a timeline click on the Content tab and add a new section or click on an existing one. Then click on the alignment you wish and add a new timeline paragraph in the paragraph chooser
  • After that just copy paste the timeline's URL into the field and click on save


  • Just include one of the variant's HTML snippets

Screenshot of a timeline


<iframe class="timeline" scrolling="auto" height="850" width="100%" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>
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The zip file contains the orginal SCSS files

Just copy paste the HTML you got from